About us

AESP Airport Engineering Solutions Potoku GmbH is a start-up founded in 2014. The headquarter is located directly at Munich Airport.

The main business area of AESP is currently the maintenance of ground handling equipment. The equipment in question are Passenger Boarding Bridges, stationary Ground Power Units and parts of Pre-Conditioned Air system.

Beyond typical maintenance works such as service or trouble shooting, AESP develops and finds individual solutions for the equipment in question due to the fact, that requirements change or new requirements occur during the period of operation.

All equipment and connected installations have to be adapted during running operation in the way that they meet all technical and legal new requirements. Furthermore, AESP offers consultancy to manufacturers and airport operators.

Our leading staff can refer to decades of experience in this business area. They were involved in many national and international projects and their expertise is passed to new team members. Therefore, new team members can gain their individual experience and develop their skills and abilities.

In order to meet all upcoming challenges in a satisfying way for all parties involved, AESP built up an effective and interdisciplinary team, which unites different areas.

Our team consists mainly of technically skilled persons with an engineering or electro technical but also business background.

Next to our team, AESP built up a stabile network of national and international partners with whom projects are planned and executed together.